Bike Fitting Services

Laser-Percision Bike Fitting & Technique Instruction


At Endurance House Atlanta we do not just fit a bike for you. We teach the techniques and skills that will enable you to ride with more comfort and power.  We start with the basics of the pedal stroke and then move on to climbing, sprinting and powering across the flats.


  • 34-point Skeletal Assessment
  • WN Precision Blueprint
  • Laser precision bike set up
  • Detailed technique instruction
  • One follow up session included
  • Additional bikes fit at 10% discount


34-point Skeletal Assessment

We start with a skeletal assessment to gather the precise measurements of your anatomy and obtaining the correct bike geometry. WN Precision provides you with the best “range-of-motion” and best “line-of-pull” for your muscles to perform work. The measurements we take, including hip size and shape, spine length and shape, and shoulder range of motion, cannot be generalized for everyone; we are all individuals and our body measurements reflect this.

WN Precision Blueprint

There’s no better methodology for measurement of the human body, we unveil details of performance that can’t be discerned by just looking at someone on their bike. By taking into account precise measurements of the foot, legs, hips, spine, shoulders, and arms we provide precise alignment for a total body fit. This process provides perfect cleat placement, saddle fore/aft, saddle height/tilt, stem rise/length needs, and handlebar position, the end result is pure comfort!

Laser Precision Bike Set Up

We input your skeletal assessment & the geometrical measurements of your bike into the WN Precision computer aided design technology (CAD). This gives us a blueprint which we use to set up your bike based on your specific measurements, meaning it’s fully customized for you. There is no better fit!

Detailed Technique Instruction

Just having your bike set up “optimally” means nothing if you do not understand the techniques to achieve the optimal pedal stroke. We spend the time and have the tools to teach you how get more power in all kinds of situations. Cycling is a dynamic sport & and requires knowledge of many techniques to ensure success.

Follow-Up Session Included

Each fit session begins with evaluating the cleat pedal interface, then moves to saddle height and position and finally brings the cockpit of the bicycle to a comfortable and correct riding position. The measurements are documented and used to adjust the athlete’s actual bicycle.

A Fit for Every Person

Our bike fittings are not just for “pros” or only “really serious” riders. If you are using clipless pedals then you can benefit from our bike fitting and technique instruction. Who couldn’t use more power and less fatigue?
Better leverage = increased potential= increased horsepower = better cycling

One on One Riding Sessions

On the road or trail coaching…  We will go out with you and cover tehniques for climbing, accelerating, braking, sprinting, descending and getting aero.  Learn tips and tricks to impove your riding that have nothing to do with fitness. These take-away lessons for you to refine your techniques.